Synthetic Surface Maintenance

Verti-Top 1200

We use a Charterhouse Verti-Top 1200 with a powered rotary brush to remove debris and infill from the surface. The machine carefully sifts through the mixed debris and redistributes the clean infill back onto the pitch leaving a clean, smooth and aesthetically pleasing playing surface.

Surface Brushing

Regular brushing prevents the formation of a compacted and impervious skin on the top of the sand/rubber bed that encourages moss and algae. This will also keep the synthetic fibres standing up and lightly clean the surface, leaving an aesthetically pleasing playing surface.

Moss & Weed Treatment

Weeds & moss are highly likely to grow in areas shaded and not often trafficked by play. We are able to spray these areas with Weed and Moss killer along with spraying a 1 metre perimeter along the wall to stop weeds growing through onto the pitch and stop moss growing in the shade of the perimeter fence.

Infill Spreading

Sand and rubber crumb based surfaces wear out over time and as such the infill needs to be topped up to keep the carpet pile healthy and to meet the performance requirements set by the manufacture to result in a consistent texture so that it gives a true and predictable game.

Southern Ground Care has the machinery to top up and redistribute infill over sand and rubber crumb surfaces. This is the same process used when applying Rootzone and sand to a normal pitch.

Infill Testing

Synthetic surfaces need to be topped up every 1 to 2 years at a minimum. Too much or too little infill will accelerate the wear rate of the carpet pile, resulting in the quality of the fibres degrading and increasing the need for repair.

These services together will result in:      
• Cleaner Infill
• Extended Life
• Removal of Debris
• Improved Surface Quality    
• A Smoother Playing Surface