Amazone SmartCut

Ideal for larger areas such as football, rugby, public spaces and other larger areas. With easy height adjustment, the Amazone SmartCut is easy to set up.

Scarification removes thatch and dead grass from turf surfaces, football and rugby pitches, cricket squares, bowling greens and grass tennis courts. By carrying out this operation you also remove the weaker shallow-rooted meadow grass and mosses leaving behind a stronger deeper rooting ryegrass.


The SISIS TM1000 is perfect for use on Cricket Square, Bowling Greens, Croquet Lawns, Tennis Courts and other small playing areas.

The TM1000 is capable of scarifying into the surface to leave a groove for seed and top dressing to fall in place whilst removing thatch and other organic matter from the playing area.

KORO Field Top Maker

As well as being able to cleanly remove any sports surface with the 10mm blade fitted Universe® rotor, the KORO FTM can have 3mm blades fitted with 7mm spacing. These blades then snatch out poa plants leaving the deeper rooted good grass plants. Accuracy of cut/depth is controlled by the four roller adjusters, which can be set and locked off to increments of 1/10th of 1 mm.