Line Marking

We offer initial line marking setups for any sport taking the hassle out of that pre-season chore

At the beginning of the season, you need your pitch markings to be accurate and straight. Even if your club marks your pitches during the season, the first mark is always best to come from a professional.

We offer competitive rates for initial line marking of any sports surface even if it's from scratch without any markers, corners or goal sockets to go off of.

GPS Line Marking

As of the Summer of 2020, we started using a GPS line marker, making our lines even straighter and crisper than before. At the beginning of the 2022 initial marking season we purchased our second robot to help improve efficiency.

With these GPS line markers, we can mark out a full size football or rugby pitch in 25 minutes (or less) from start to finish with smaller pitches taking significantly less time.

11v11 Football - 25 Minutes

5v5 Football - 10 Minutes

Rugby - 25 minutes

400m 8 Lane Running Track with 100m Sprint - 2.5 hours

GPS Line Marking is available for initial and repeat line marking

Custom markings available such as social sistance boxes for events, camping plots, advertisement, logo's, custom sports and more.

With the use of Rigby Taylor IGO professional spray line marking machines, we achieve crisp clean lines every time.

Paint colours other than white are available.

Watch our GPS Linemarker at Pickwick Youth FC