'Koro-ing' is the umbrella term for Heavy Duty Fraise Mowing/Surface Removal and the aim is to remove all unwanted organic matter, and reduces poa annua to a minimal level, leaving the surface flat, clean and ready for renovation.

Designed for removing weak poa annua grass, thatch build-up and weeds or even removing the entire turf surface allowing rapid regeneration.

Most warm-season grasses are prone to the rapid accumulation of thatch in the sward. Conventional verti-cutting and scarifying only removes around 7 – 10% of the surface matter, and unless done on a regular basis cannot keep up with the accumulation of thatch.

The Koro has a working depth of 0-50mm using its Universe® rotor and 10mm blades meaning that we can remove all organic build up in one pass.

Watch our videos on the Imants Koro FTM below

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