True tractors and aerators working on a rugby pitch

Vertical Tine Aeration - Verti Drain

Aeration is probably the single most important operation you can carry out on your pitch. Verti-Draining is imperative during the winter months to remove and prevent surface water especially when positive heave action is applied to break up the compacted turf between holes.

Vertical tine aeration with 12mm pencil tines is perfect for aerating a cricket square. This offers minimum disturbance in the surface whilst allowing water and oxygen to penetrate deeper into the soil profile. It also allows roots to penetrate deeper into the square as resilient plants help increase grass coverage and durability.

A tractor with shockwave aerator on a rugby pitch

Linear Aeration - Shockwave

Linear aeration slices lines in the ground with a maximum working depth of 10 inches. By aerating linearly and disturbing the soil underneath by shaking from side to side it revitalises heavy wear areas by reducing soil compaction.

Two tractors with shockwave aerators on a rugby pitch

Being the fastest PTO-driven rotary linear aerator in the world, the Imants Shockwave is ideal for work on large areas such as rugby and football pitches, golf fairways and large lawns.

Watch our Verti-Draining video from Eversley Park Recreation Ground below